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A hobby turned into a Successful Business

Sitting in the back seat of my father's car on the way to work with him, I spotted my first Land Rovers.  I frequently asked my father if he would buy them for me.  To my dismay, he would not.  After I finished my schooling and started working myself,  I went looking for the Land Rovers that I fell in love with so many years ago.  As luck would have it, I found them still parked in their faithful resting spots.  I bought them!! A 1982 series 3 88” and a 1976 series 3 109”.
    In 2009 I set out to restore the 1984 Land Rover Defender.  It was such a rewarding and prideful experience that I didn’t stop there.  Land Rover restoration had become a passionate hobby of mine.
    In December of 2015, I decided that my passion was surpassing the hobby criteria.  I acquired my business license and overtime started buying more Land Rovers.  I currently own over 15 LR's as well as a growing collection of spare parts.  I am always thrilled when friends, LR enthusiasts, and clients want to view my inventory and create networking bonds with one another.

2019 I completed my Nova Scotia Community college to automotive installer program and became a certified Automotive Installer Technician (Tire and Oil change). To provide a quality service to my clients by with my new brand Bennie's Tire & Lube.


  • First Aid/CPR, St. John Ambulance, Halifax, NS

August 2019 Seger Motors transformed from Sole proprietorship to incorporation to serve the expansion plan to launched “BENNIE’S TIRE & LUBE

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