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About Us


A hobby turned into a Successful Business:


Sitting in the back seat of my father's car on the way to work with him, I spotted my first Land Rovers.  I frequently asked my father if he would buy them for me.  To my dismay, he would not.  After I finished my schooling and started working myself,  I went looking for the Land Rovers that I fell in love with so many years ago.  As luck would have it, I found them still parked in their faithful resting spots.  I bought them!! A 1982 series 3 88” and a 1976 series 3 109”.
    In 2009 I set out to restore the 1984 Land Rover Defender.  It was such a rewarding and prideful experience that I didn’t stop there.  Land Rover restoration had become a passionate hobby of mine.
    In December of 2015, I decided that my passion was surpassing the hobby criteria.  I acquired my business license and over time started buying more classic cars.  I currently own over 15 LRs as well as a growing collection of spare parts.  I am always thrilled when friends, LR enthusiasts, and clients want to view my inventory and create networking bonds with one another.

In July 2019 As I completed my Nova Scotia Community college automotive installer program and became a certified Automotive Installer Technician that’s when Seger Motors transformed from a Sole proprietorship to incorporation to serve the expansion plan and launched the first mobile automotive service startup in Halifax “BENNIE’S TIRE & LUBE to provide a quality mobile automotive service to our clients.


Core Values


Your safety
comes first

Our technicians must complete WHMIS and First Aid as part of the safety protocol that we apply in order to provide the service to our customers.

Professional & reliable team of experts

Well-trained and experienced technicians to provide quality service and meet customer satisfaction. 

State of the art diagnostic equipment

Our service team are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and scanners that will help to provide the best service in a timely manner. 

Personalised service with service record

Our team will have complete details with VIN # as per the manufacturer's recommended fluids and parts and will make sure we complete the job as requested. 

customer service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority which keeps us deliver the best mobile service. 

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